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Free Oklahoma Living Will Forms

Many people, who are concerned about planning their estates, ask, “Where can I find free printable living will forms for Oklahoma?” Because of the demand, I have published the state of Oklahoma living will form on this page. You may download and print this document, fill it out, and sign it, and you will then have a legally binding living will form for the state of Oklahoma. Click the following link to download the Oklahoma Living Will Form:

Before you fill this out and sign it yourself, I strongly urge you not to complete a living will form without first consulting an attorney. Although this form seems simple, there are legal details about estate planning that you will not be able to understand. The details are complex and would require an extensive amount of time and space to explain. A living will form will determine what happens to you if you are incapacitated and need medical care. You do not want a mistakenly prepared living will form to cause you problems during such a critical time. 

Elsewhere on this site, I explain why you should not use do-it-yourself, online will forms to create your will. Many of the criticisms of online will forms apply to living wills as well. A living will can be an effective, wonderful tool, but only if it is drafted properly.

What is a Living Will?

A living will is a legal document, in which you state:

  • Whether you want, or do not want, life-sustaining treatment, including artificially-administered food and water, if you become incapacitated, and

  • You name a health care proxy, who will be allowed to make medical decisions for you, if you become incapacitated.

With a living will, you can state your wishes on these matters. You may say that you don’t want life-sustaining treatment, food, or water. Or, you may say that you want food and water, but not life-sustaining treatment. Or, you may say that you want food, water, and life-sustaining treatment. You may choose any combination of the above, or your may write in your own wishes.

You may name whomever you choose, to be your health care proxy. Most people name their spouse or another close relative.

For more information on living wills, check out our blog post, “How to Write a Living Will”.

How do You Make a Living Will?

The Oklahoma State Legislature has created a form that will serve as a legally binding living will form in Oklahoma. This form is available here:


Living Will Form – Oklahoma (PDF)

If you are over eighteen, and of sound mind, you may fill out this form. Sign the form in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses may not be related to you, and the witnesses may not be people who are entitled to inherit property from you. 

If you execute a valid living will, doctors and other health care professionals are legally required to honor your desires in the living will.

Springing Durable Powers of Attorney

Another type of document, that is closely related to the living will, is the springing durable power of attorney (DPOA). A springing DPOA will empower another person to make decisions regarding your person and property if you are incapacitated. A springing DPOA is called “springing” because it springs into effect when you become incapacitated. A springing DPOA is called “durable” because it lasts after you are incapacitated. A springing DPOA gives your proxy more power than a living will does. However, a springing DPOA, without a living will often cannot direct whether you wish to receive life-sustaining treatment, or food and water, if you are incapacitated. That is why many people who execute living wills also execute a springing DPOA at the same time. I generally advise clients to execute both documents.

For more information on powers of attorney, click here. For more information about medical powers of attorney, click here.

Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders

In a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order, you state that if your heart stops beating or if you stop breathing, you don't want any medical procedure (including CPR) to resuscitate you. for more information on DNR orders, read my post here.

If you would like more information about living wills, springing DPOAs, or estate planning in general, please contact our office for a consultation.

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