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The Persaud Law Office practices in a wide variety of areas, including appellate, civil, estate planning, family, immigration, and probate law. If you need assistance in any one of those areas of law, please contact us.

 Motor Vehicles

Much of Oklahoma law regarding motor vehicles is governed by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. If you have received a notice from the Department of Public Safety, or have issues regarding automobile titles and ownership, or you have been injured in a car wreck the Persaud Law Office can help.


The Persaud Law Office can help you with immigration law. If you would like to become a U.S. citizen, or would like to adjust your immigration status, or would like to bring a relative or employee to the United States, or would like to be legally admitted into the United States, we can help you.


Appellate law is the process of appealing a case to a higher court, after you have lost in a lower court. Appellate law can be one of the most complicated, and difficult areas of law to navigate. If you have a case in Oklahoma appeals courts, the Persaud Law Office can assist you. If you are an attorney in a case in appeals court, the Persaud Law Office can work with you as co-counsel and help you through the complex maze.


Family Law is one of the most emotionally difficult and confusing areas of law in which you may find yourself. The Persaud Law office has practiced family law for many years, and can sympathize with your plight. If you are involved in a divorce, paternity, or child custody case, we can help.

 Wills, Probate, And   Trusts/Estate   Planning

Do you need assistance in planning your estate? The Persaud Law Office can provide you with a customized, individualized package that can fit your needs. This may include a will, trust, advance directive, inheritance, or other type of documents.


Civil law is the body of law that addresses violations of non-criminal law. If you are a party in a civil case, or wish to inquire about filing a civil suit, the Persaud Law Office can help.