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Civil Attorney - Bartlesville, OK

If you need to file a civil case, or if someone has filed a civil case against you, you will likely need a civil litigation lawyer to help you. At the Persaud Law office, we have helped many businesses and individuals successfully resolve civil disputes.

What is a civil law case?

In Oklahoma, a civil case, is any court case that is not a criminal case. A case is criminal if:

  • The state files the case

  • The state accuses someone of behavior that is listed as a “crime” in the Oklahoma statutes, and

  • The state seeks to impose the death penalty, imprisonment, a fine, or removal or disqualification from public office.

If your case does not have all of the above-listed characteristics, your case is a civil case.

Common types of civil cases include:

  • Automobile Negligence. If you or your property have been injured in a car wreck, you may have an automobile negligence claim, and the Persaud Law Office can assist you. For further information on what to do if you are a victim of an auto accident, click on this blog post

  • Breach of contract. Civil suit lawyers often assist clients in cases where one party has accused the other of violating a contract.

  • Civil forfeiture. In a civil forfeiture case, the government alleges that a piece of property has been used to commit a crime, and then the government attempts to take that property. Sometimes, if you own property (or of you are a lender and have a security interest in the property), and someone else has used the property to commit a crime, the government will try to take the property even if you had nothing to do with the crime. We don’t want that to happen to you! If the government has filed a civil forfeiture case against you, call us today. For further information on civil forfeiture (including a recent Supreme Court decision that restricts the government’s power to take your property) click here.

  • Debt collection. If you are trying to collect a debt from someone, or if someone claims you owe them money you haven’t paid, the Persaud Law Office can assist you.

  • Evictions. Civil lawsuit lawyers also handle evictions. In this post, I describe how you may evict someone if you are a landlord; in this post, I explain what to do if you have been, or are about to be, evicted. The Persaud Law Office has represented both landlords and tenants in evictions.

  • False representation in business dealings. If someone has taken unfair advantage of you in a business dealing, or if someone has accused you of taking unfair advantage of them, you may be at a loss for what to do. The Persaud Law Office has handled numerous cases involving misrepresentation in business, and we can assist you.

  • Real estate litigation. If there is a dispute as to who is the rightful owner of a piece of land, the dispute often ends up in court. If you are in the midst of a land dispute, give us a call.

    One type of real estate litigation is the mortgage foreclosure. If someone fails to pay the mortgage on a home, the lender may file a foreclosure suit in court, and take possession of the home. If you are a lender and need to file a mortgage foreclosure proceeding, or if you are a borrower and the lender has filed a mortgage foreclosure suit against you, the Persaud Law Office can represent you.


  • Recovery of personal property. A suit to recover personal property is called a replevin suit. For more information on replevin, click on this post.

If you find yourself in any one of the above scenarios, feel free to contact the Persaud Law Office

What will the Persaud Law Office do if we represent you?


If you do decide to retain us, we will review all of your information, and recommend whether you should file a suit in court, or whether we can resolve your case without filing suit. We have resolved many cases without ever filing suit. 

If we do choose to file a suit, or if another party files suit against you, we will make our best efforts to settle your case without going to trial. We strongly believe that it is in most clients’ best interests to settle a civil case outside of court. Settling out of court is less time-consuming, less costly, and less emotionally difficult, than going to court and having a judge decide your case. Studies have shown that the majority of civil lawsuits settle without ever going to trial. 

If your case goes to trial, we will represent you at trial, and we will make our best efforts to present your case as persuasively as possible. 

At all stages of the representation, we will keep you informed about what is going on. Many clients have complained that their attorneys have kept them “in the dark” about their case. We will be transparent with you, and make sure you are properly informed.

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