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Telling clients when they're wrong

My fellow attorney Josh Gerben, has just written an excellent post on Linkedin. Click here to check it out:

Mr. Gerben's main point is that often, he has to tell a client that the client's case is weak. But, clients don't want to believe him, and, so they go to another lawyer, who tells them what they want to hear.

Often, though, the attorney is telling the client what the client wants to hear, just so the attorney can take the client's money. Then, they pay the lawyer a large fee, and they lose their case.

If a lawyer is telling you that your case is weak, he may be the attorney your should hire, because you can trust him.

When I hired Kashmer Interactive to handle my online marketing, I hired them precisely because they did not make extravagant promises. I had looked at other internet marketing firms, and some of them had promised to do much more than Kashmer was promising. I realized that, more than likely, Kashmer was being honest with me, and the other businesses were telling me what they thought I wanted to hear. So, I hired Kashmer. I've stuck with them for almost three years now, and I've never regretted the choice.

The bottom line: If you hire a lawyer (or any professional) who tells you what you don't want to hear, he's likely being honest. If you hire a professional who tells you what you want to hear, he's likely one you should stay away from.


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