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In Memory: Rod Ramsey

This past week there was sad news at the law office building where we work: Rod Ramsey, one of the attorneys at the office, unexpectedly died in a motorcycle accident.

Although Rod Ramsey and I had separate practices, we shared office space together. I began working at the office with him when I passed the bar in 2009. For the past 14 years, we were not only colleagues, but friends.

As a young lawyer just out of law school, I often had questions on how to practice. Even 14 years later, I still do have many questions. Rod was always eager to help me, and I was always eager to rely on his advice. We often co-counseled on cases together, and we were working together on three cases at the time of Rod's passing.

What impressed me about Rod was how he truly cared about his clients, and wanted to help them. His wife once remarked how she had seen view people as concerned about his clients as Rod was. In addition, Rod was a devoted family man, and deeply cared for his wife and children.

Pray for Rod's family. His obituary can be found here.



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